Community Service Day

Saturday, April 28, 2018 - 10:00am to 1:00pm

This is a great opportunity to enjoy some of our spring weather, to meet some of your fellow Wolverines, and to contribute to a worthy community effort! We’ve arranged to help restore some of our native forest habitat at a park in West Seattle (which is currently being held hostage by evil, invasive alien species bent on total domination of our green spaces!).

This will be taking place on Commencement Weekend for the University, and U-M Alumni Clubs all over the country will be going to work on this day to show how Michigan alums can make a difference in their local communities.

Please be sure to bring a water bottle, sturdy shoes, and sleeved clothes. There is plenty of parking available on the road.

We’ll have Volunteer T-Shirts for everyone who comes out. See the attached PDF for the great new design for this year!

Please RSVP on the Green Seattle Partnership site to let the organizers know that you’ll be coming!

Contact Michael Roberto if you have any questions.

Me Kwa Mooks Park
4350 Beach Drive SW Lawn
98116 Seattle , WA
Member Archive

“Saturday Rio led a group of University of Michigan alumni volunteers into one of our more difficult hillside blackberry patches in Me-kwa-mooks. They tackled the task without fear and ferocity. Actually, they shared little in common with the Michigan mascot, enthusiasm and high spirits would be a better characterization.

Their work concluded our winter and spring long push spearheaded by Rio and Peter in the east Seattle Lutheran zone to liberate the native species that were being engulfed by blackberry.

I arrived late, about the time they were wrapping up, but in time to take a few pictures.

Mike, please pass on our appreciation to the Michigan volunteers. Me-kwa-mooks, the forest stewards and the Green Seattle Partnership are grateful for your time and help with forest restoration.

Phillip Osborne, forest steward @ Me-kwa-mooks with Rio, Peter, Bonnie & Jasmin”

Pictures from Event: