University of Michigan Club of Seattle

Annual Report for

Operating Year ending June 2019

Last Updated May 7, 2019

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The University of Michigan Club of Seattle is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit incorporated in the State of Washington, and an affiliate of the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan.

Our local club is an organization that nurtures lifelong relationships with and among current and future Michigan alumni.

As a committed partner of the University, the club offers programs of relevance and service to alumni and creates support for the University.

Underlying all that we do is the belief in the value of education to the well-being of society, and a commitment to integrity, diversity and service.

U-M Alumni Association - Seattle



Our Seattle Club has been active since 1913.

We were the first club outside of the state of Michigan to be chartered by the national Association, and only the fourth chartered U-M Alumni Club in the country.

Starting in 1922, our club began providing a trophy to the annual champion Seattle high school football team. This annual award continued for several decades, before being eclipsed by other local awards programs.

The Seattle Club Scholarship fund was started in 1943.

Recent years have seen an influx of new graduates and other alumni into the Seattle area, making our local group one of the fastest growing and most dynamic clubs in the country.

We formally incorporated our club as a WA state nonprofit in 2017. We were also granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS in this same year.

Feel free to visit our website for further information about the history of our club.

Seattle Club Football Trophy


Transparency and Diversity

Our Club is committed to full transparency in all facets of our operations.

To this end, our board meeting minutes and full details of all of our financial transactions are all available at

In addition, this annual report provides summary information to all in an easily accessible form.

Our Club is also committed to having alumni representation on our Board that represents the same diversity we find in the U-M student population and in our local alumni population.

To this end, we look for diversity in age, diversity in gender and diversity in ethnic and geographic origins in order to form a Board of Directors that can fairly represent the interests of our local alumni.



Our club received an Outstanding Club Award from the National Association for our work during the year ending in 2016.

This was the second such award we have received in the last five years, and the third such award we have received in the last eleven years. We compete for this award with eight other clubs of similar sizes (3,500 - 8,499 members).

Outstanding Club Award for Region 5 - 2016



Our Board of Directors is a working group. We have regular dinner meetings, generally on the third Tuesday of each month.

In addition to our meetings, Board members and Friends of the Board spend many hours each month in communications with each other, and with local alums, suppliers, and AAUM staff members based in Ann Arbor.

Our Board has four Officers:

All of the work done by the local club is performed by volunteers.

The operations of the club are governed by our Bylaws.

Thanks to Herb Bowie (President), Michael Roberto (VP), Wenting Guo (Secretary) and Tyler Walz/Wenting Guo (Treasurer) for their service as club officers over the past year!



All members of the national Association who reside within the greater Seattle area are automatically members of our Seattle club.

Our club events are open to all U-M alumni, family members and friends, irrespective of their AAUM membership status.

For events requiring a paid registration, we frequently provide significant discounts for AAUM members.

Here are our latest membership numbers, from May of 2017:

Total Alumni7,272
AAUM Members1,133
Primary paying members809

(This last number excludes the second person identified in joint memberships, and free memberships provided to recent grads).

If you’re not already a member of the Association, we encourage you to support your local club by joining today!

Pie Chart



Our club receives its annual operating funds from the national Association.

Our annual funding check is based on the number of dues-paying AAUM members we have in our area.

The Alumni Association Operating Year starts in July, and ends in June.

Our latest annual funding check was for $4,330, and was received in August of 2018. This amount was up slightly from the previous year, when it was $4,085.

In addition, we received $1,000 from the Association in Strategic Priorities Funding for our mentoring and career development events.



The bulk of our operating funds are spent on a few large events for which we charge no admission.

Admitted Students Reception$1,000
Annual Meeting$1,000
Welcome Event$1,100

The remaining funds are spent on items such as prizes for Trivia Contests at watch parties, discounted prices for AAUM members at events requiring paid admission, and a few less expensive events, such as our summer picnic.

For complete financial details, see the Finances section of our website.



The National Association provides a number of different technology offerings to clubs and alumni.

Some of the latest technology offerings include:

In addition, we’ll soon be seeing:

In addition to the technology provided by Ann Arbor, the Seattle club maintains its own website, based on the Drupal 7 Content Management System. We use our website for event planning and coordination and record-keeping, as well as communications to our local alums.

Our website contains more information about the technology we use.

Drupal Content Management System


Events and Activities

Over the past year we’ve hosted the following types of events and activities.

Thanks to Judi Trainor (chair) and Harold Foster for hosting our watch parties in Seattle, and to Pam Stoeffler for hosting on the Eastside!

Thanks to Tracey Melville for serving as our Big Ten Liaison, and as chair of the local Big Ten Alumni Council!

Thanks to Pam Stoeffler, Michael Roberto, Jenni Smith, Pauline Bowie, Wenting Guo, Sravan Rengarajan, Meena Beniwal and Jason Gomberg for helping to plan and host a variety of club events this year!


Club T-Shirts

This year we once again made Seattle Club T-Shirts available for sale to interested parties.

These were primarily sold at watch parties and through online sales.

We again offered a fresh design this year, which proved popular.

We sold several hundred shirts this year.

Income from shirt sales help to supplement our funding from the national Association.

Thanks to Tracey Melville for her graphics design work, and to Judi Trainor, Pam Stoeffler, Harold Foster and Pauline Bowie for their work in shirt sales!

Latest Club T-Shirt Design



We use the following communications channels.

MediumAddress / HandleFrequencyCount
E-Mailseattleclub@umich.eduWeekly6,630,000+ Needed421

These communications not only attract alums to our events, they also help to keep all of our local alums connected and feeling part of the larger U-M Seattle community.

Thanks to Herb Bowie and Rachel Gefen for their work on our website, to Rachel Gefen for her work on Facebook, and to Herb Bowie for work on our emails!



Thanks to the generosity of past and present members, our club has a significant endowment entirely devoted to U-M Scholarships for local students.

Each year our Scholarship Committee selects 3 - 6 worthy students, and awards them $3,000 - $10,000 each to help defray the costs of their upcoming academic year.

Each year our local Committee selects one incoming freshman to receive an award, to help motivate a deserving student from our area to make the decision to attend U-M. Our freshman award is need-based, whereas our scholarships for returning students are based on merit as well as need.

Thanks to Virginia Rowley (chair), Harriette Dorkin, Michael Tarlowe, Gretchen Ilgenfritz and Melissa Young for their work on our Scholarship Committee!

Scholarship Post Card


Strong Partnerships

Our Club strives to best serve all local U-M alumni by forging strong partnerships with other U-M organizations.

We partner with other local clubs serving alumni of particular schools, such as the Ross Club, the new Club for the School of Natural Resources and the Environment, and the LS&A Young Alumni Council.

We also team with the U-M Development Office for promotion of, and participation in, local events, where appropriate.

We also team with U-M faculty who visit our region from time to time, for a variety of reasons.

Most importantly, our Club maintains a strong partnering relationship with the national Alumni Association. In addition to regular operational communications with our regional engagement coordinator, we have conferred with AAUM leadership on multiple occasions, to discuss more strategic issues pertinent to the future of the organization.

Our Club President traveled to Ann Arbor in June of 2018 for a Club Leader’s Workshop held on campus, organized and hosted by the national Association.

Thanks to our club liaison, Carlos Martinez, as well as the other members of the regional engagement team in Ann Arbor!

AAUM Regional Engagement Team


Club Records

In order to provide transparency, the Board section of our website provides complete information about the operations of our club to all interested parties.


Expectations for Board Members


Annual Elections

Each year we try to compose a board through a judicious combination of seasoned veterans, in addition to new members ready to extend and enhance the proud traditions of our Seattle club.

For the operating year beginning in July of 2019, we are happy to present the following candidate board members to our club members today, to be confirmed following the procedures defined in our club bylaws.

All board members are required to be members of the national Association.

Role for 2019-20NameChange from 2018-19
PresidentMichael RobertoVP
VPWenting GuoSecretary / Treasurer
SecretaryDebbie JohnsonNew Board Member
TreasurerMeena BeniwalDirector at Large
Ex OfficioHerb BowiePresident
Scholarship Committee ChairVirginia (Ginny) Rowley
Big Ten LiaisonTracey Melville
Social MediaRachel Firsht
Sports Watch ChairJudi Trainor
Director at LargePam Stoeffler
Students LiaisonSravan Rengarajan
Director at LargePauline Bowie
Director at LargeJason Gomberg


Ideas, Questions, Suggestions

Anything bugging you about our club?

Any suggestions for new events?

Anything you think we could be doing better?

Any talents you’d like to share with us?

Whatever is on your mind, we’re always eager to hear your feedback.


Upcoming Club Events

We have lots of events planned for the spring and summer months.

Let’s visit our Upcoming Events listing on our club website for the latest info.