Big Ten Championship Game Contest

Now, we do not want to jinx our chances.. but want to let you know that the Alumni Association is offering the chance to win two FREE tickets to the B1G Championship game in Indianapolis should Michigan win the B1G East Division title. If we do not win the B1G East, the winner will receive a $100 MDen gift card.

How to enter:

Complete your Alumni Profile with a

  1. Picture,
  2. Bio,
  3. Stated Interests and
  4. Employer Information.

After adding all four elements, reply to this thread with the word, “Done”! and share your prediction for the final score of the B1G championship game vs Northwestern!

Note: to be considered for entry, you must have all 4 elements added in your Alumni Profile.

Click here for full contest details

Winner: A Winner will be chosen at random through a drawing and announced in the Wolverine Forum Community on Wednesday, 11/28.

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