Board Links

Following are a number of links that will be useful for U-M Seattle Club Leaders.

Alumni Association
Alumni Association Event Calendar
Alumni Association Event Submission
Alumni Association Google Drive for All Clubs
Alumni Association Listserv
This is the service we use to send emails to local alumni.
Alumni Association Ticket Exchange
For football tickets, etc.
Alumni Student Recruitment
Amazon Smile
This link takes users directly to the Amazon Smile page for the University of Michigan Club of Seattle.
Big Ten Alumni of Seattle
Club Leaders Site
Latest Club Leaders site from the Alumni Association
Club Leaders User Group (CLUG)
Club Leaders Workshop
Presentation materials from 2017 CLW
We use a Dropbox shared folder to store many of our club records in digital form.
Event Registration Tool
We use Markdown extensively when creating pages on our website.
Member / Event Checker
Post-Event Survey
A form for reporting to the Alumni Association on our events.
QuickBooks Online
Ross Seattle Club
Sheets
Sign-in sheets to be used at most events (other than watch parties).
This is the company that hosts our website.
Speakers List
Google Docs
Shared with the folks in Ann Arbor
UM Seattle Facebook Page
UM Seattle LinkedIn Group
UM Seattle Planning Calendar
This calendar shows all events promoted to the public, as well as those still in the planning stages.
UM Seattle Twitter Feed
UM Seattle Website
Umpqua Bank
This is where the club does its banking.