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In most cases the maintenance of club membership lists on Lyris will be maintained in the background, without any direct involvement from regional club leaders.

However there may be times when questions arise, or when an alternate path may be needed, so it may be helpful to be aware of the following information.

AAUM Alumni Info Update Form

When a local alum requests being added to your local club email list, your first recourse should be to have them fill out the form at the following address:

To help direct alums to this form, it’s generally good for the homepage of each club’s website to provide this link for alumni who wish to start receiving the club’s emails.

This form is maintained by the Alumni Association, and information from this form is used to update contact information in Salesforce (the CRM solution chosen by AAUM), which is in turn shared with the equivalent system used by the University’s Office of University Development (OUD). Additionally, a report of new submissions made via this form is periodically generated and used by student employees working for AAUM to upload the names and emails into the appropriate club list in Lyris.

However it should be noted that this upload process happens on a somewhat irregular basis. It is neither instantaneous nor daily nor weekly – more often monthly. So in the interim you may wish to consider the second approach.

Direct Lyris Maintenance

In order to speed up the process of adding new alums to your email list, you may wish to selectively consider direct entry into Lyris. This will need to be done by someone with admin access to Lyris.

However note that this method does not collect enough information to fully identify an alum in all cases and, as a result, information entered only in Lyris may be purged at some point in the future, if it can’t be matched to equivalent records in Salesforce. So this second approach is at best an adjunct to the first approach, not an alternative to it.

When maintaining member lists in Lyris, it’s important to also be aware of each member’s status, which can be found on the Settings tab. A normal member’s status should actually be “normal member”. If they are unsubscribed, or in some other state, then they may not be receiving club emails, even though their name and email address may appear on your list. To correct this, you will need to change their status to “normal member.” This should only be done at an alum’s direct request. However, since an alum may have forgotten how they unsubscribed, they may not be aware that they are in this status, and so may approach you with complaints about having filled out the right form and yet still not be receiving your club’s emails.

Other Update Forms

Other forms exist that are maintained by different parts of the University that will allow alums to update their contact info in those places as well. That info may eventually make its way into Salesforce and onto your club email lists, but this data flow is generally both slower and less reliable than the ones described above.

Still have questions? Reach out to your club liaison for further info.