Counterbalance Brewing

Thursday, September 7, 2017 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Thanks for reaching out! Jason is my brother-in-law and mentioned that he had spoken with you over the weekend. I’d be happy to discuss hosting my fellow Michigan alumni. Summer typically gets pretty busy for us so this might be a good time to discuss something in the fall, but I’m open to any ideas.

  1. How many people can you hold?

It depends a bit, but the short answer is around 80-ish, generally not more than 100. Slightly longer answer is that we have seating for 40 in our taproom (not including standing room), additional weather-dependent seating outside for about 24 outside, and we have some space in our brewery that we often clear out and use for larger groups and parties.

  1. What are food options?

We don’t have a kitchen onsite, but there is a good pizza place (Flying Squirrel Georgetown) nearby that will deliver and can accommodate large orders with advance notice. Food trucks are an option as well, but to be honest I’ve had enough problems with them being unreliable that I’m more hesitant about them than I used to be. Bringing in any outside food is also always welcome. We’re kid-friendly too, for whatever that’s worth.

  1. Any options for some sort of tour of the brewing operation?

Absolutely. I’m happy to give a brewery tour by appointment.

Counterbalance Brewing Company
503 South Michigan Street, Suite B
98108 Seattle , WA
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