Dylan Greene

Dylan Greene is a sophomore and currently a percussionist at the a University of Michigan’s School of Music. This past year he’s performed in Chicago’s Millennium Park, Bowling Green University, and Cincinnati. He’s also participated in numerous University and private recording sessions, to be released in the coming months; collaborated with the Suburban Piano Quartet, and performed his 41-hour long, inaugural solo performance art work, “to you, from me, for us.”

He believes strongly in the cross pollination of artistic mediums and enjoys drawing, sculpture in wood/multimedia, and word fletching. During his freshman year, his English professor and acclaimed poet Samiya Bashir asked Dylan to write her a letter of recommendation for her Ben Prize nomination. In turn, he was nominated for the Sweetland writing Center Tutoring program. He now writes for the school’s blog, Art’s Seen. Dylan also finds joy in biking and backpacking. This past season, he became a snowboarder for the UM Ski Team whose skiers placed third in national competition.

Born in Vancouver B.C. and raised on Vashon Island Alpaca farms, Dylan is a dual citizen who hails from Chinese and Irish-Canadian lineage. He’s currently living in Kerrytown, frequenting the Farmer’s Market and the People’s Food Co-op. He’s proud to have had a chance to volunteer at the renowned Selma cafe before it was recently shut-down.

Currently, he’s most looking forward to a summer traveling and playing freshly composed music in Italy, attending the Sō Percussion Seminar at Princeton University with guest Steve Reich, living with a whole new batch of composer-roommates in the fall, and visiting the Beacon Hill Food Forest back home.

“For me, the Burley Scholarship harbors a sense of community. It’s something I strive for in music making, art making, and believe in fully. I’ve found that to remain grounded, I really need to have and feel community - the Burley Scholarship is a constant reminder.”