Game Watch Locations

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Chris Moore would like for his new location to become a Michigan game watch location.

Old Stove has a new location under development. We are the anchor tenant for the MarketFront project at the Market. Our new space will have room for 200+ seats, a full kitchen and the brewery all in 5,000 square feet overlooking the Puget Sound. I very much want this location to be a primary host for Michigan games. We will have large TVs playing the game, Bob Ufer’s “greatest broadcasts” on the stereo prior to the game (just like we did growing up) and the Michigan Marching band playing at halftime and after the game. I would love to tell you more about the space and talk about how we could collaborate to create the best experience for the alumni club. Would you be open to discussing the possibilities?

Buckley’s in Belltown will be our game watch location in Seattle.

Redmond’s Bar and Grill will be our game watch location on the Eastside.

Board Notes: 

Sep Board Meeting:

Buckley Belltown Game Watch

SRO 150+ -> 200 in attendance.

Eastside Game Watch
  • Attendance ~45 at Redmond’s Bar and grill
  • Owner met with members; we’ll use the RBG web site for reservations to assist with planning;
  • We will estimate game-to-game;
  • Jason will set up Google calendaring for us to do reservations

Probably good that we have two distinctly different venues (close, noisy high energy vs. family, quiet, sit down)


Redmond’s is going to be the location. Need an estimate of people each game. Might not always have the audio on. Clarify the parking. Plenty of room - free parking. Start the advertising soon.