A Note From Your Club President

Just a quick note from your Seattle Club President to impart a few important pieces of information.

  1. You’re not currently a member of the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan. I’ve noticed when greeting people at events that many people are honestly confused about their current membership status, so I thought it might be helpful to let you know where you stand.

  2. That’s OK. Our mission is to help connect all U-M alumni to each other and to our University, so you’re welcome to continue receiving our emails, attend all of our club events, and in general enjoy all of the benefits of being a proud Michigan alum living in the greater Seattle area.

  3. Membership makes all of this possible. Our local club gets its operating funds from the Alumni Association, based on the number of Association members we have in our region, and the Association in turn receives its operating funds from membership dues. Unlike many other alumni associations, ours is not dependent on its University for handouts, but instead is its own independent member-based organization. And while our local club is run entirely by volunteers like myself, it takes money to host our website, to run our mailing list, and to help defray the costs of many of our events.

  4. And membership means so much more. Your Alumni Association membership can be a gateway into a network of richer, deeper connections with Ann Arbor, with the University that you love, and with your fellow Wolverines.

  5. If you’d like to join the Association, we’re ready when you are. Just head on over to the Alumni Association’s Website.

  6. Enter the Promo Code of UNITE when joining or renewing. Using this promo code will maximize the local impact of your membership, and will credit our local club with additional funds that we will use to better serve our local U-M community.

If you have any other questions about membership you can take a look at the Membership Q&A on our website, or you can always shoot me a note.

And that’s it. I just wanted to send this quick, informative one-time message.

And now back to our regular programming.

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