Passing the Torch

See Michael Roberto: New Board President for a message from our new president of the board]

When I first attended a U-M event in Seattle thirteen years ago, I had no idea I would ever become the club president, let alone that I would hold that office for ten years.

I consider myself very fortunate to have had a chance to serve the University of Michigan community in this capacity for as long as I have. This last decade has been a very dynamic one for the city of Seattle, as well as for our local U-M community, with a continuing influx of freshly minted alumni moving to the Pacific Northwest every year, and with our local U-M population growing steadily over this period.

Serving the U-M community in this way has been an honor, and a lot of fun, and a lot of hard work. But the fun and the work have generally been well balanced, and the feeling of actively giving back to an institution that I respect and cherish so much has provided an abiding sense of motivation and satisfaction. Plus I’ve met a ton of great people, including many of you here in Seattle, as well as those working for the University and the Alumni Association back in Ann Arbor.

With the start of our new operating year on July 1, though, it is time for me to pass the torch, and I’m happy to say that we have a great Board of Directors and set of Officers ready to receive the handoff. Michael Roberto is stepping into the role of president. Wenting Guo will be replacing Michael as the club’s vice president. Meena Beniwal will be serving as our treasurer, and Debbie Johnson will be our new secretary. You can find the full list of board members on our website. I’ll be sticking around on our board as well, in an ex officio capacity as past president, as well as helping out with various club tasks.

I’ll still look forward to seeing you at many of our club events, and I’m sure you’ll look forward to meeting Michael and the rest of our officers and directors, if you haven’t already made their acquaintance (hint: Michael has been the grill master flipping the burgers at our summer gatherings for the past couple of years).

The U-M Club of Seattle is over a hundred years old, and it’s truly been a privilege to contribute to this institution as well as the larger University over the last decade or so. Thanks to everyone I’ve served with over the years, all the people who’ve supported our efforts, and all of the alumni who have participated in our local community.

And, as ever, from Ann Arbor to the shores of the Puget Sound, Go Blue!

Herb Bowie
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