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From Ginny, on May 19, 2018:

The scholarship committee met on April 24. We only had $25,000 to distribute, which is not very much. (You might make an appeal for funds at the meeting.) We awarded a total of $17,000 to 5 upperclassmen (only 2 of which had need) and $8,000 to a very needy freshman.

As you know, only 12 of the 76 students eligible to apply for a scholarship (based on western Wash. zip codes and being U.S. citizens) had any need at all. And of the 12 with need, only 3 applied. Next year I’m going to try much harder to appeal to the needy students. Our contact in Financial Aid, Elaine Crook, had no idea why the 9 students that need money did not apply.

We received just 10 applications in total, which is about average.

From Michael Tarlowe on 04/02/2018:

Quick update on our freshman scholarship. I received an updated list from the Financial Aid office this morning and there were lots of additional admits in the past month with verified need. Whereas we had 11 with high or medium need last month, when I sent out the first batch of applications, that is now up to 32 (15 with high need/17 with medium need). I have just sent out applications to these additional students with a due date of 4/16.

From Ginny, on Feb 16, 2018:

I just received the list of eligible students. Of the 75 on the list, only 12 have any need: 4 high need, 6 medium need, and 2 low need. That means 63 (84%) have no need at all! I hope the needy students will apply, but some may not given our 3.0 minimum grade point requirement.

I don’t yet know how much money we will have available to distribute. Last year it was only $20,000. I will know more when the March 31 endowment financials come out and I can annualize to estimate the amount available at June 30, the University’s fiscal year-end.

Like last year, Michael will be handling the freshman scholarship. This runs a bit later because although the majority of students entering U of M come from early admissions in December, the application deadline for the rest was just a couple of weeks ago on Feb. 1. It takes time to process them, plus additional time to get the financial information from students admitted from this latter batch.