The Seven Keys to Becoming a Great U-M Alumni Club Leader

We’re always looking for some of our local alumni to step up and become more involved in planning, organizing, communicating and hosting our local University of Michigan club events.

But what does it mean to become one of our local club leaders? What will be expected of you?

Let me try to lay out some guidelines. None of us will live up to all of these expectations all the time — none of us are perfectly qualified, and all of us have other interests and obligations — but this is what we’re shooting for.

  1. Show up at many or most of our club events. The first step in helping to lead our club is to become an active participant in as many of our club events as you can.

  2. Actively engage with other alumni. As one of our club leaders, it’s important to interact with other alums, and to make them feel welcome at our events. You don’t need to greet everyone at the door, but it’s good to say “Hi” to some new faces and get to know a little bit about them at every event you attend.

  3. Figure out how you can help. For every event we host, someone has to work behind the scenes to plan and organize the event, including arrangements for a venue, group ticket sales, nailing down dates, and a few other details that typically vary depending on the type of event. And then, once we have an event planned, others have to get the word out to our alums, via our website, our e-mails, our Facebook page, and other communication channels, again depending on the type of event. And finally, we need one or more hosts for each event.

  4. Work with others. You will need to work effectively with a diverse group of other local alumni, as well as Alumni Association personnel located back in Ann Arbor. Some of them will be other volunteers working on weekends and evenings, and others will be full-time employees working nine-to-five back in Michigan. Sometimes we’ll be working together face-to-face, but often we’ll be communicating via e-mail, phone calls and text messages.

  5. Become a spokesperson for our club and our Alumni Association. You don’t have to give any speeches. But you need to be willing to let people know that you’re proudly representing our local alumni club and, by extension, our national Alumni Association.

  6. Invest yourself in the growth of our club. We want you to feel a sense of ownership of our club, and a sense of pride in our club’s accomplishments. And we want you to always be helping us look for that next step we can take to make our club even stronger and more effective than it’s been so far. We’re not just here to keep things going — we’re here to continue growing in ways that will be ever more meaningful to our local alumni.

  7. Attend monthly board meetings. Our board members meet monthly over dinner, usually in mid-month and mid-week, from 7:00 - 8:30 PM. This is where we review our recent accomplishments and commit resources to the next set of events we will be planning.

If some or even all of this sounds appealing to you, then drop us a line to find out even more about what we’re doing, and how you can help.

We’d love to have you join us!