Who Pays for All This Stuff?

We had a great BBQ a few months ago for U-M students interning in Seattle over the summer.

We probably had close to 100 attendees, including lots of interns as well as young alums, some of whom had only moved into the area a few days previously!

We had a fantastic rooftop space for the event, and we provided burgers and hot dogs and chips to everyone who was hungry.

It was a great party, and everyone there seemed to have a grand time.

I was talking to as many interns and young alums as I could, and at one point one of them asked me, with what seemed to be a note of amazement, who was paying for all of this?

It was a good question, of course, and I was happy to answer it, but it made me realize that there may be others out there as well who need some help connecting the dots.

The short answer is that this event, along with many others each year, are paid for in full, or in some cases partially subsidized, by the U-M Club of Seattle, and that all of our funding comes from dues paid by local members of the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan.

Now, of course, we weren’t checking Alumni Association membership cards at the door: consistent with our Mission (shown below), we welcome all U-M students, alumni, parents and friends to our events, whether they are AAUM members or not.

Our local club is an organization that nurtures lifelong relationships with and among current and future Michigan alumni.

As a committed partner of the University, the club offers programs of relevance and service to alumni and creates support for the University.

Underlying all that we do is the belief in the value of education to the well-being of society, and a commitment to integrity, diversity and service.

So who pays for all this stuff?

Not the University. Not the Alumni Association. Not some mysterious benefactor.

All this stuff is paid for by about 1,000 local alums – out of the 7,500 living in the area – who have the wherewithal and the motivation to support our club’s mission.

If you’re already among this select group, then let me extend my thanks, on behalf of the student who asked me this question at our last event, as well as all of the other grateful students and alums who are brought together month after month by the events and activities held by our club.

And if you’re not yet a member of this group, then I’ll ask you to consider joining. General membership is only $69 a year, and depending on your status and your membership period, it can be less than that.

If you can fit Alumni Association membership into your budget, then we’d love to have your active support of our local club.

If not, then we’ll still look forward to serving you in the months ahead!

(And by the way, if you do join, be sure and specify the Promo code of ‘Unite’: that’s our way of telling the Alumni Association that we sent you, and will result in even greater funds being available for local events.)

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