Board Notes

14 Nov 19

Herb Bowie and Pauline Bowie

Excellent event was completely sold out

9 Nov 19

Naghma Husain our volunteer event at westside baby yesterday was a success. out of the fifteen people who rsvped, fourteen showed up, including meena and judy. we worked for three hours filling orders and bundling diapers. all the volunteers worked hard, and i think they had fun too. the westside baby staff told me they were impressed with us.

1 Jan 20

Smaller turnout at Buckley’s but sold a few hats. Used the card reader, was successful.

6 Oct 19

Michael Roberto

The first ever corn maze event didn’t have a great turnout! Caroline and myself represented the board, and our SO’s rounded out the group that went into the corn maze. We saw a few other folks with Michigan gear after we finished up the maze, they had heard about the event but at such a large place (with a 15+ minute wait to buy tickets to get in and traffic) and no cell phone coverage, we weren’t able to properly gather a larger group up for the main event of the corn maze. But as Caroline said, we’d have been at the corn maze anyways this year, happy to have done it! I think for next year I’ll need a better plan for such a huge space when there’s no service.

29 Sep 19

Jason Gomberg

At exactly 9:22 am on the dot Sunday morning, five hardy souls scoffed at the morning rain and chill and struck out on the Wallace Falls trail. The group consisted of one older alumna who had gone on past group hikes; two more recent alums who were Club hike newbies; and a friend of one the latter (sadly, a Husky – U-W grad., not the dog). The skies gradually cleared as we ascended. We marveled at the falls, where the water descended as if pushed by gravity itself. We stopped, snacked, and kibbitzed at the bench near the upper falls, and then made our way back to the trailhead.



24 Sep 19

Karla Kross

Old Stove graciously hosted our first Networking Happy Hour last night. They supplied us with some pretzel bites, dipping sauces and a keg of water. The craft beer selection did not disappoint. All attendees that were partaking set up individual tabs and the process seemed fairly easy, even with the crowds. It was a beautiful afternoon/evening so in general, the entire market area was hopping (pun intended)!

I arrived on the scene at about 5:40pm. Sam and Chris had the area reserved and set up nicely for us. Michigan banners were hanging from the fermenters and we had a long bench and an area for standing room. We used nametags to identify name & company. Also, we had the UM Seattle Club business cards on hand. (Thanks Herb!) I personally handed them out as the event was coming to a close.

We did not know how many might attend. I would consider it a great showing especially considering it was our first one. I stopped counting after 20 or so. I met a woman who just moved to Seattle 8 days ago, so our website/social media outreach is definitely working! Michael arrived shortly after I did. I truly appreciate the board attendance and support for this event! Others that joined us were Wenting, Claire, Jason, and Caroline (thank you!).

Our networking dates for the next couple of months will be October 29 & November 26…keeping with the last Tuesday of the month. Fairly certain we will skip December. Thanks and Go Blue!

21 Sep 19

Hosted at Buckley’s, Old Stove, and JJ Mahoney’s - photos from Buckley’s attached.

7 Sep 19

Pauline Bowie + Karla Kross + Claire Khouri

We sold all 110 tickets and had a fun tailgate. We had over 60 people at the tailgate, food was great (thanks to Karla and Claire), and we made friends with our Husky neighbors. We had plans to mingle amongst the rows but the lightening storm started soon after we all got seated. Many people opted to head home at that point which turned out to be a good decision given that the game was delayed almost three hours. There were lots of new faces and excitement for next year. Karla, Claire and I plan to meet soon to discuss lessons learned that we may want to apply to next year’s tailgate. We’ll document further take aways at the point.

28 Aug 19

Judi Trainor BIG 10 night went great. Too much red for my taste, but ‘cest le drecht. For Michigan, we had Pam, Traci, another 2-3 fellows and myself. There were about 57 ish peeps there. Nice showing from Penn St, Rutgers, osu, saw MSU, Purdue, MD. Very enjoyable! I handed out magnets and gave the remaining stack to Pam for eastside. I didn’t know she would be there or I would have brought more for her as well as our communication hand outs. Nice evening. Tracey Melville Also a few folks from Illinois and even Iowa! Agree, too much ohio state, but good mingling between schools and seemingly a good time had by all.

4 Aug 19

Herb Bowie

We had about 10 incoming U-M students along with their parents. Everyone had a great time and was very appreciative of us organizing the event. Bruce Wanta was a very gracious and entertaining host, and everyone enjoyed listening to him talk about the various wonders to be found in various nooks and crannies of his garage. Students were making connections with other students, and parents were talking to other parents. So I would call the event a success.

Rachel was the only other board member to attend. Her husband Daniel was also there.

We had a number of Michigan T-Shirts left over from the Admitted Students Reception in the spring (generic ones provided by Admissions, not Seattle shirts), which we were giving away, and these all found grateful homes before the end of the event.

The only cost to the club for the event was the charge from BlackBirdRSVP for $39.00, which was the site used to send out the invites.

Bruce Wanta and his wife Peggy generously provided the venue and the catering at no cost to the club.

3 Aug 19

Michael Roberto Notes:

We had about 40 people show up to our BBQ this year, many of whom were new to the area (I made sure to tell them about our recent grads / transplants event too!) Lots of parents with kids (see picture below) so I feel like we did a good job reaching out to a group that we can tend to miss otherwise. I think the event was definitely a success (though I sprained my ankle and had to leave early :(. I’m feeling better though!)

We had plenty of other board members in attendance; I think the full list was Pauline, Herb, Judi, Jason, and Caroline.

I heard comments that parking was easier than in previous years too, so that’s great!

Total cost to the club was $316.34. $166 of that was food and supplies, $150 of that was shelter and table reservation. (Note that next year we may not need the picnic tables).

Something that was mentioned during the retreat that I think was validated during the event was that it’d be great if next year we had our new shirts by late summer so that an event like this could get some extra T-shirt sales from people who tend to not go to Buckley’s.

Suggest a cluster of balloons and or an M flag for ID/location

27 Jul 19

Karla Kross:

This event was SOLD OUT and a success! 90 tickets were sold and although a few did not show (I do not know how many), there was a great turnout! We mingled amongst the rows during the game and all appeared to be having a good time. There were a lot of hits, so it was an exciting game. I took a photo during the 7th inning stretch where a few Alumni held up a Michigan flag. The seats were fantastic too! Alas, the Tigers lost, 8-1. Fun fact: One UM Law Alumni from the Ukraine attended. My seat was next to his. It was his first-ever baseball game and he knew absolutely nothing about the game. I did my best to educate him:)

On the Wednesday prior to the game, an email went out to all attendees directing them how to pick up their tickets (at Will Call) and to meet at Pyramid Alehouse at 11 am for a pregame. I set up by myself at 11 am and waited for others to show. Finally around 12:20pm, a few straggled in. We had 4 by 12:45 pm. I think if we consistently make a practice of doing this, it will be better attended. Next time I would like to improve using a few lessons learned if possible.

Here they are: Try to have ticketing instructions available at the time of purchase or printed on the receipt to avoid uncertainty on gameday. Will avoid delays and confusion, and unnecessary questions. Promote any pre-game/meet-up activities via Facebook, etc. so they will be better attended. It would be great for the events with a larger expected attendance to have more than one board representative present. Other notes: I am happy to continue to champion pre-game activities but would prefer not to sit alone for more than an hour with my Michigan flag and a beer. With promotion via Facebook, perhaps it would help to track interest and potential attendance so I will better know how many to expect in the future. Also, it would be great if one other person could keep me company and help to hold tables for latecomers. A pre-game really improves the social and fun factor of the event. The Mariners game felt much more cohesive and enjoyable than the Sounders match was.

29 Jun 19

Herb coordinated with Kevin Diffley from the Sounders to purchase a block of tickets - we sold 33 tickets total and they were priced at $23 for members / $28 for non-members. Herb assigned seats on Wednesday and E-tickets were emailed out Thursday before the game. Reminder for next year to remind folks to wear Michigan gear if they want.

29 Jun 19

Recap from Tracey to come

26 Jun 19

Michigan Alumna, Ariana Bostian-Kentes, suggested this event for members of the LGBTQ community to join - notes from her pasted below:

About 15 people showed up (I got an email interest list going at one point). Even more exciting to me was the fact that every attendee I spoke with said they had never before been to an Alumni Association event and that this was their first because of the focus of the event. It was also an incredibly diverse event with people of several different races, sexual orientations, and genders present. By the end we were all in one big group sharing coming out stories from our time at Michigan, which was really beautiful.

There was a ton of interest in having events in the future that center the UM LGBTQ community in Seattle, several attendees spoke of other alumni & friends they wanted to bring to a next event. Caroline Shao attended from the board, which was great - it was so nice to meet her!

The appetizers were a hit too. I kept the receipt after paying for them - it ended up being $223.27 with gratuity. How shall I submit that for reimbursement?

Overall, I think if you asked anyone who was there, they’d all agree it was a great success. So, thank you for asking me and thank you for advocating for the Club to host this. I think a whole new part of our UM diaspora felt like they were being reached out to in a way they hadn’t felt before.

24 Jun 19

Had about 15 attendees - feedback was that Buckley’s was not expecting M Alumni and only had the game on 3-4 of their TVs, no volume and trivia announcer’s voice over the microphone made it difficult to watch the final innings of the game.

21 Jun 19

Started advertising 2 months in advance, had about 70 attendees total. Held at Elan Flats (Karyn Sutton Alumni Volunteered to host on rooftop), great space. Was able to get a lot of Microsoft interns through the Michigan recruiter.

20 Jun 19

Preschler Center reached out to Herb to advertise the event through the Alumni Association. Well attended by NAMI conference attendees + M Alumni (approximately 10).

4 May 19

“Saturday Rio led a group of University of Michigan alumni volunteers into one of our more difficult hillside blackberry patches in Me-kwa-mooks. They tackled the task without fear and ferocity. Actually, they shared little in common with the Michigan mascot, enthusiasm and high spirits would be a better characterization.

Their work concluded our winter and spring long push spearheaded by Rio and Peter in the east Seattle Lutheran zone to liberate the native species that were being engulfed by blackberry.

I arrived late, about the time they were wrapping up, but in time to take a few pictures.

Mike, please pass on our appreciation to the Michigan volunteers. Me-kwa-mooks, the forest stewards and the Green Seattle Partnership are grateful for your time and help with forest restoration.

Phillip Osborne, forest steward @ Me-kwa-mooks with Rio, Peter, Bonnie & Jasmin”

28 Apr 19

Just a quick update that yesterday’s Paint & Sip event went quite well! All 24 attendees showed up and we saw a lot of new faces.

21 Apr 19

Event was a great success! Maximum number of people (20) both registered and attended, we saw several new faces, and several people went out of their way to thank us for organizing!

2 Mar 19

Hello Volunteers -

Thank you for volunteering on Saturday morning with Food Lifeline – it was so nice to meet you and see others again! We had a strong turnout of 28 volunteers, and I hope you had a good time learning more about the mission of Food Lifeline and enjoyed sorting and packing the dry foods/goods. Together we sorted over 6k servings of dry foods and goods for food banks! Attached is a photo from the event.

I also wanted to reiterate why we chose to volunteer with Food Lifeline. Every year, nearly 40% of the food produced in our country ends up in landfills while millions of people go hungry. Food Lifeline rescues millions of pounds of nutritious food from farmers, manufacturers, grocery stores, restaurants, and retailers that would otherwise go to waste. 13,000 volunteers visit their Hunger Solution Center annually to help sort and repack this nourishing food. Food Lifeline then distributes it to more than 300 food banks, shelters, and meal programs throughout Western Washington, providing the equivalent of 97,000 meals every day.

Thanks again for your time today – you all truly displayed #TheMichiganDifference!

Go Blue! Meena

27 Oct 18
  • 16 spots remaining
  • Action: In the next email to Alumni Club, can we include something along the line of “Bye Week Volunteering” or “Volunteering” in the subject line - I noticed sometimes we comment on events upcoming. Can we also please create a Facebook event? Happy to work with Rachel on the latter. (Note: There is a link to register for the event).
23 Oct 18

Marketing/Promoting of Bob Ufer Story

  • Meena Working with Jason
  • Ideas we have:
    1. Send targeted email to all attendees of past Michigan football related John Bacon events /those who bought tickets to UW games this year and in the past (frame the communication to say based on attendance at previous event, they may be interested in this)
    2. Add even information + a QR code to the back of the trivia sheets handed out at the games where people can directly register (on the front of the trivia make note to flip to the other side to sign up)
    3. Promote the event during halftime at watch parties
    4. Add a pre-event happy hour to the event (perhaps Buckley’s in Queen Anne)
    5. FB invite for this event doesn’t have a lot of people invited. How do we get more people invited to the event via FB? Grassroots effect to people who we know are interested in Michigan Football, that we are FB friends with?
  • Action: Alignment on next steps, then action.
9 Sep 18

The hike went well. The weather held up; the mid-week forecast had called for Sunday rain but it was mostly sunny. About 16-18 people showed up, with a good mix of older vs. newer alums, graduates from different programs, and first-time vs. return hikers. We set off on the trail around 9:15 and finished about three hours later. People seemed to have a good time and good conversation, and a number of people expressed interest in doing another hike during the fall, which I would be happy to organize.

  1. The U-M uniqname provides alumni with a logon ID as well as an e-mail address that can be used to forward to another alumni email address. However alumni who attended U-M prior to the 1990’s may not have one.
  2. The Alumni Association has announced the availability of a new tool for alumni to use to obtain a uniqname, or to be reminded of one they already have, and have asked club leaders to test it.
  3. Herb has reported that the path to get to this new utility from the Alumni Association site is long and difficult to navigate.
  4. Herb has added some direct links to the new utility to the UMSeattle site.
  5. The Alumni Association will work to make it easier for alumni to access the new utility.
5 Aug 18

Great attendance! We had about fifty alums show up. Perfect weather. Thanks to our supreme grillmaster, Michael Roberto, for an excellent job. Had a couple of summer interns who will probably return next year, plus many alums new to the area. Had seven board members in attendance. People started showing up at three, and many stayed on until we packed up a little after six. Everyone loved the spot. Lots of meeting and mingling. Had several alums from the Eastside who requested some events out there.

23 Jun 18

Note from Tracey:

Overall I think it was a success. 52 people, (5 or 6 of which were kids), 5 dogs.

19 May 18

Sold 100 tickets, and had almost everyone there.

We were interviewed by Fox Sports Detroit.

Everyone had a great time.

Mariners won 7 - 2.

28 Apr 18

“Saturday Rio led a group of University of Michigan alumni volunteers into one of our more difficult hillside blackberry patches in Me-kwa-mooks. They tackled the task without fear and ferocity. Actually, they shared little in common with the Michigan mascot, enthusiasm and high spirits would be a better characterization.

Their work concluded our winter and spring long push spearheaded by Rio and Peter in the east Seattle Lutheran zone to liberate the native species that were being engulfed by blackberry.

I arrived late, about the time they were wrapping up, but in time to take a few pictures.

Mike, please pass on our appreciation to the Michigan volunteers. Me-kwa-mooks, the forest stewards and the Green Seattle Partnership are grateful for your time and help with forest restoration.

Phillip Osborne, forest steward @ Me-kwa-mooks with Rio, Peter, Bonnie & Jasmin”

17 Feb 18

It went well!

The weather, and the resulting driving restrictions, did put a bit of a damper on attendance. We wound up with like 15 people. But the Forest Rangers led a great tour; they were really engaging and informative. The trail for the 90-minute walk was very manageable, even for the alums who were first-time snowshoers. The feedback that Crystal and I received was very positive; multiple people said they would do it again if we organized future outings.

If I were to organize another outing, I would try to seek out alums with 4-wheel drive vehicles first, and then try to manage carpooling more actively. The ski shuttle is another option.

16 Dec 17

About 20 of us had a great time at the Nutcracker, including a backstage tour after the show!

11 Dec 17

We held our John Bacon talk and book signing last night at Gordon Biersch.

The maximum capacity for the Pilsner room there is 50 people, and we were sold out.

We ordered 30 books from the publisher and, between presale copies and copies sold at the event, all 30 were sold.

John seemed to have a good time once he got warmed up a bit, and everyone there seemed to enjoy his talk.

John autographed a lot of books and talked to people individually after the talk.

Lots of people made a point of saying “thanks for organizing this” as they were leaving with smiles on their faces, so I’d say the event was a success.

John gave a lot of credit to our Seattle club leadership at the beginning of his talk, so that was nice to hear!

We were John’s last stop on his West Coast tour, so he was headed back home to Ann Arbor today.

I deposited $220 cash in our checking account today, which was from cash book sales ($20 per book) at the event last night.

Total bill at Gordon Biersch was $964.89, which went on the Debit Card.

Thanks to Pauline and Jason Gomberg for their help last night!

This thing never made any sense, so we never promoted it to the U-M club.

30 Sep 17

Very successful event. We had 50 - 60 people, mostly recent grads. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and most people thanked us for the event before they left.

20 Aug 17

We had about a dozen alums participate. Everyone seemed to have a great time. Friend of the Board Jason Gomberg did a great job of coordinating and hosting. Hike took just a little over 4 hours. Everyone involved made it up to the Upper Falls and back.

Sep Board Meeting:

Buckley Belltown Game Watch

SRO 150+ -> 200 in attendance.

Eastside Game Watch
  • Attendance ~45 at Redmond’s Bar and grill
  • Owner met with members; we’ll use the RBG web site for reservations to assist with planning;
  • We will estimate game-to-game;
  • Jason will set up Google calendaring for us to do reservations

Probably good that we have two distinctly different venues (close, noisy high energy vs. family, quiet, sit down)

16 Jul 17

From Michael Roberto:

Jessica and I hosted a nice picnic at Carkeek Park last night. Spent ~$150 on food and drinks for the event.

I was back on the grill after a break filled in by Herb, went through about half the food purchased. 15 alumni showed up, and a family with an alum in it walked by, noticed all the Michigan shirts, and stopped to chat. Didn’t know about the club, and was excited to be notified for future events!

Everybody in attendance appreciated the event; great weather, views, and food made for a great day.

Timing of 3-6 had great weather, and had better parking options that last year’s picnic that started at 5, but required a full-day reservation of the shelter that maybe cost too much for the size of the event. Next year may be worth moving it back to start at 4, could get by with a half-day reservation in that case.

Attendance was a bit lower than last year, likely due to close proximity to the interns BBQ. We reserved the picnic space back in February, but the intern BBQ kept getting pushed back as we had trouble finding a proper space for it. The two events ended up being a week apart. Next year, we should try to identify an intern BBQ date and location earlier in the cycle.

We had a mix of people from Seattle, Eastside, and far Eastside. A comment that an Eastside BBQ may be of interest as well; maybe next year??

30 Apr 17

Quick summary of Sunday’s Community Service Day. What started out as kinda crummy weather ended up a gorgeous day clearing non-native vegetation from a forest on the shores of Lake Washington. We had 14 Michigan volunteers show up, making up a majority of all volunteers working at the event. Other volunteers at the event included two freshmen football players at UW (we got some early jabs in ahead of our matchup in 2020). The group worked so efficiently, we wrapped up all the tasks of a four-hour event in just under 3 hours, so we gathered up for a photo.

A couple Michigan alumni on a jog stopped after we took the picture, asking “What’s going on with all this Michigan stuff??” Two more who will be joining the mailing list :)

7 Jul 17

Note from Herb:

Sravan and I hosted a pretty successful event last night, with invaluable help from Zakir.

Spent $154.19 on food and drink for the event, plus $100 for the room at Via6.

Although Srav and I didn’t have the grilling chops that Michael Roberto can claim, we didn’t seem to kill anybody, we didn’t get any complaints, and we didn’t have anything with meat in it left over, so I would call that a win! In fact, we had the last arrivals waiting at the BBQ for the few turkey burgers I’d purchased to come off the grill.

Definitely less food purchased and consumed than last year, I think mainly due to having less time to promote, but I would guess we had 50 - 70 people there.

Only beverages I purchased were water bottles, and that seemed to work ok.

Timing of 5 - 8 for the event seemed perfect. People started showing up a little after 5, and people were mostly cleared out by 8. The people still around at 8 helped to clean up. When we got there we had to coax another group out of our space, who had it reserved from 2 - 5, but didn’t have anyone else waiting for it at 8, so that worked out well.

We had a gorgeous evening in terms of the weather, and the outside deck at Via6 again turned out to be a perfect location.

We had a mix of interns and recent grads. I spoke to people working at Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon and Nordstrom’s. The most recent arrival had just come to Seattle four days ago.

I had lots of people say “thanks” for organizing and hosting the event. That’s always a good sign.

I was too busy at the grill to take any photos of the group, but one of the guys I was talking to offered to take my photo with a plate full of burgers.

Copying Mike McBride and Zakir, as well as Ari and Brian, who got this whole interns BBQ thing rolling a few years ago.

11 May 17

Nov 15th Board Meeting

All organized, and selling tickets online through the AAUM site.

Sep Board Meeting

  1. Michigan Alum is starring in an “On Broadway” touring show; will be appearing in Seattle in early May at The Paramount.
  2. Consider this for a cultural event for spring;
  3. If we get 15 highly satisfied attendees -> successful event
  4. Provides a good alternative to game watch; good for club variety of options;
  5. We will plan on organizing an event; beginning to work with Paramount; we should reserve a block of tickets soon;
  6. Herb has started reaching out to relevant contacts in Ann Arbor and at The Paramount, and he will copy Pam and Tracey on next round of e-mails. 7.Show runs may 9 Tuesday -> Sunday; tentative prefer weeknight or weekend matinee (?) Tuesday is initial planning
23 Jul 17

See attached minutes.

11 Mar 17

Nice turnout at Buckley’s: about 20 - 25 people. Even more on Sunday, for the Big Ten Final game. Harold Foster showed up on Sunday as well, and brought our U-M banner with him.

19 Jan 17

Nov 15th Board Meeting

  • Poco wine bar – Capitol Hill
  • Tentative Jan 19th (after the Holiday Party) –Thursday
  • Should have registration; defray cost of appetizers
  • Eventbrite can print name tags
  • Use structured name tag info prompting school, degree, year, “affinity area” to help people connect
29 Nov 16

Nov 15th Board Meeting

  • The Alumni Association will be sending e-mails encouraging giving to our local scholarship fund.
  • Michael is collecting pictures for Facebook site for promotional use on our FB page.
19 Nov 16

Nov 15th Board Meeting

  • Rep from each school to pick up box from NW Harvest
  • We will have boxes at Buckley’s
  • Won’t do on Eastside 11/19
  • Michael will advertise on Facebook
  • Herb will send out additional email Thursday this week

Nov 15th Board Meeting

We were contacted by a U-M alum whose family owns the Majestic Theatre in Ballard, and who offered to help us host an event there at some point.

Sep Board Meeting:

We were contacted recently by an alum with a venue in Capitol Hill, Poco Wine and Spirits. She’d be happy to work with us to host an event there.

17 Jan 17

Nov 15th Board Meeting

The board decided to skip a meeting in December, and plan our next meeting for January, somewhere on the Seattle side (possibly at Ada’s).

10 Sep 16

Recap of event:

It turned out pretty well. Less people than we had hoped for, but still a good turn out, with around 140 participants. Kicked off in DC last weekend, and its moving on to Boston and Austin in the near future, with plans to add 6 more cities next year.

Thanks so much for your help! I’m not sure if we got any people to use the MGoBlue discount code, but raising awareness definitely helped with out turnout, and hopefully it will help future expansion as well.

Thanks again,

Kyle Tenenbaum
B.S. University of Michigan

Sep Board Meeting:

We helped to promote for a local alum who is involved, but did not host, and have not heard any feedback from the event.

29 Oct 16

We had about 40 people show up, including board members Herb, Pauline and Pat. Kevin Brown and his wife Holly provided a wonderful breakfast at half-time, along with complimentary coffee, and mimosas available from their bar. Kevin gave ua a tour after the game, and several of us stuck around for wine tasting and some lunch, and some of us also met for dinner in Lake Chelan that evening. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend, and we’re already talking about repeating the event next year.

12 Oct 16

We are not coordinating or hosting, just promoting for an alumni with a good cause.

8 Oct 16

Sep Board Meeting:

  1. Rob Oikawa (our resident Lacrosse fan) is not available Oct 8.
  2. Crosses over with football game at Rutgers
  3. We rarely get a team out here – so it would be nice to support
  4. Rutgers start at 5pm
  5. Lax is 6:30 -> 8:30; $25 dollar ticket in Tukwila;
  6. We can coordinate with the coach. Herb will ask for e-mail contact if any alums plan to attend, will mention in news e-mail to raise awareness
24 Sep 16

Redmond’s Bar and Grill

Good turnout – 24 folks today. No families – game on ABC was probably easier for them to watch at home.

Sold seven t-shirts = $175, mix of new and familiar faces


15 Nov 16

In attendance: Herb, Pauline, Rob Oikawa, Pat Jablonski, Rob Jablonski, Shima Abadi, Ginny Rowley, Tracey Melville, Pam Stoeffler, Michael Roberto.

Absent: Stefanie Baldwin, Wendy Bergeson, Judi Trainor

Meeting started at 07:10 PM, adjourned at 8:20 PM.

11 Oct 16

Oct 11

Board meeting canceled, since so few members would be able to attend.

Sep Board Meeting:

This will on Tuesday, Oct 11, one week earlier than usual, since Herb and Pauline will be out of town from Oct 18 thru the 26th.

Website upgraded. Few changes visible to members, but have added a menu item for the Board, with various reports of interest to us (but visible to everyone, should they care to look). This should replace Trello and other tools we’ve used for planning and coordination.

3 Sep 16

Buckley’s: We had 30 - 40 people waiting outside before Buckley’s opened at 8:30, and Buckley’s seated people in an orderly fashion. Ended up being Standing Room Only by early in the first quarter, which means 200+ people. Lots of new faces, and lots of cow bell, and everyone seemed to have a good time. Herb, Pauline, Tracey, Judi and Stefanie were all there representing our board, plus many Friends of the Board.

Redmond’s: It went fine. Nice group of people, about 30, our guess on amount. Good food and restaurant staff. Pam Stoeffler was there representing our board.

10 Sep 16

Slightly smaller turnout at Buckley’s this week, but still a good crowd, and still had people lining up on the sidewalk starting at 8. Ended up close to a full-house, but everyone was able to be seated, so no standing required this week. Herb, Pauline, Tracey and Judi were there from our board, and Amit and Harold were a couple of our friends in attendance. A few new faces as well.

1 Sep 16

Had a good crowd at Buckley’s in Queen Anne. U-M was well represented. Several new faces who had recently moved to the area. Herb and Tracey were both there to represent the board. Probably 50 - 60 Big Ten alums altogether, and probably 15 - 20 U-M alums. The Eastside location was less popular, with only a total of about five Big Ten alums showing up.

20 Sep 16

In attendance: Herb Bowie, Pauline Bowie, Pat Jablonski, Tracey Melville, Rob Oikawa, Judi Trainor, Ginny Rowley, Shima Abadi, Pam Stoeffler

Absent: Stefanie Baldwin, Michael Roberto, Wendy Bergeson.

Rob Oikawa drafted as acting secretary for the meeting. Thanks, Rob!

Meeting started at 7:00 PM, adjourned at 8:40 PM.

24 Jul 16

Great event! Probably had about 25 people attend. Lots of new faces. We had great weather, and everyone loved the location. Thanks to Michael Roberto and wife Jessica for food procurement and grilling. Everyone I talked to seemed to be enjoying themselves and went out of their way to thank us for organizing the event.

31 Jul 16

We had a great turnout for the event. We had about 30 people total, including 3 board members. We invited both incoming freshmen and returning students from the greater Seattle area, along with their parents. Several parents were also alums. The U-M Development Office had planned and hosted this event for the previous two years, but decided they would leave it up to us this year. Steve Kamm, our local development officer, helped to make arrangements with Mary Snapp, a member of his campaign council, to host again this year. In addition to providing her home, overlooking Lake Washington, she arranged and paid for catering for the event from a local restaurant in Madrona. In thanks for her contributions, we gave her a print of the Law Quad from the fifties that had recently come into our possession, and she seemed genuinely excited about the gift. Students and parents and board members all had a great time, and were very appreciative for the chance to connect with each other. We also gave away some Michigan t-shirts and a few signed copies of John Bacon’s latest book, as well as some buttons provided by the Admissions office for the event.

11 Aug 16

They had a great turnout! Estimate 60 - 70 people in attendance. Had a great panel of four local U-M alums involved in either funding or running or promoting startups in Seattle.

21 Jul 16

Good turnout, but very crowded, and hard for Big Ten alums to find each other. Some people denied entrance for a while, because the bar was at or above its capacity. Seemed to turn out ok in the end, though, for those who made it in and stuck around. 50 - 60 attendees. U-M well represented.

23 Aug 16

Thanks to Wendy Bergeson for taking our meeting minutes:

Minutes for U-M Seattle Board Meeting for August 2016


Attendees: Herb Bowie, Wendy Bergeson, Pam Stoeffler, Ginny Rowley, Rob Oikawa and Michael Roberto


Starting Balance for July 1, 2016: $5,705.44

Current Bank Balance: $1,1151.32 PayPal Balance: $311.82

We should be getting several checks from Ann Arbor in the near future:

$1,000 for Mariners Tickets $1,000 for Sounders Tickets $500 for Club Award $4,000 for annual funding check

Career Development Programming

$1,000 remaining to spend. Should start planning something for the fall. Rob and Michael to report out on their progress.

Club T-Shirts

103 shirts ordered from Underground Printing, including 3 for the Athletic Department. We will now have these available to offer for sale during our summer events. Have already sold several through online orders.

Big Ten Summer Happy Hour

Frolic got very crowded - people got turned away. Not a lot of people wore their Big 10 apparel. The weather was beautiful. People who attended had a great time and Michigan was well represented.

U-M Seattle Summer Picnic

Michael Roberto did the shopping and grilling. Turn out was awesome. Ran out of food right as the event was wrapping up. A lot of people who hadn’t attended other events before.

Student Send-Off

Went well. At Mary Snapp’s house in Madronna. Steve Kamm helped coordinate with Mary Snapp and was there. Had about 30 people (students & parents). Shima and her husband were there and helped out. 2 scholarship recipients showed up. Mary may be interested in continuing to host next year. Herb gave Mary one of the Law Quad prints and she really liked it.

Mariners Host the Detroit Tigers

Sold about 80 tickets. Jen DeHart did a great job of organizing everything.

Michigan Meetup for Seattle Startups

Michael Roberto attended, as well as Pauline and Herb. It was really fun. The Dolly’s founder was one of the presenters. 2 Venture Funds. 1 Angel investor. 60-70 people there - standing room only. All Michigan grads. Basically a career development event. Working at a start-up is currently highly desirable for one’s resume.

Big Ten Council Meeting for August 2016

Meeting at Pyramid went well. MI State group still wants to be in charge of Holiday party and wants to do it after the holidays, but will move to Rhein Haus.

Summer Hike

Too late in the season by now. Summer has been very busy.

Summer Kayaking

Too late in the season by now. Summer has been very busy.

Scholarship Committee

Don’t do anything this time of year. Very busy in the Spring, so this is the off-season.

Football Magnets

Tim Buckley will pay for them again this year. Already on order. Free to club, Herb has them

Seattle Sounders FC vs. Portland Timbers

About 60 people in attendance. The coordinator was really easy to work with - sent all the tickets out via e-mail. Opportunity to coordinate better with Portland club in the future. Portland club is currently reorganizing a bit.

Eastside Game Watch Location

Redmond’s Bar and Grill is going to be the location. Need an estimate of people each game. Might not always have the audio on. Clarify the parking. Plenty of room - free parking. Start the advertising soon.

Big Ten Football Season Kickoff Happy Hour

Lucky Strike on the Eastside location - Bellevue on the same night

CCFA Flag Football Tournament

We’re just helping to advertise - pretty expensive

The SF Hunt: Seattle

Big scavenger hunt - we’re just helping to advertise/promote

Seattle Art Museum

Yves Saint Laurent exhibit opens on Oct 11. Chia might be available to talk to us before the show, but wouldn’t be able to give us a tour, due to the unique arrangement of the displays. Another option would be the Jacob Lawrence Migration Series exhibit opening on Jan 21 – but Chia is not as intimately involved with this one, so she might not be in a position to speak to the club about it.

Receptions have typically been money pits. Not sure if it’s possible to structure it so we’d break-even. Might a U of M grant be an option? Thursdays are the only weeknight they stay open late. Other option would be weekend matinee. January timing might work better - less competition with football. Pam to talk to Larry about the Jacob Lawrence exhibit.

Michigan Men’s Lacrosse

Girls Lacrosse org is organizing Lacrosse Day, bringing in Michigan to play Army. Charge is $25 for the entire day. Competes with Rutgers vs. Michigan game. Agreed not to organize anything, but definitely promote it. Women’s Lacrosse in area is huge.

Welcome Event for Recent Grads/Transplants

Need a board member to coordinate. Ari is getting dangerously close to his wedding, so will assist but cannot be in charge this year.

Siren Song Winery Game Watch Party at Lake Chelan

Nothing new - about 10 people signed up so far. Estimate will end up about 20 people.

Big Ten Holiday Party

MI State club wants to continue to organize, and keep it after the holidays, but move to Rhein Haus.

Scholarship Fund-Raising

Shima couldn’t be here tonight. Has some ideas - working with Steve Kamm on them. Herb and Pauline met with Shima a few weeks ago to get her up to speed on past fundraising efforts. Agreed not enough time to have an event this year. Shima wanted to know if any of the other board members had ideas. Agreed with idea of sending postcards instead of letters.

Football Trivia Prizes

Michael brought them to the meeting. Herb and Pauline will bring to Buckley’s to get to Judi, if not before.

Seattle wins Outstanding Club Award for Region 5

Herb and Pauline will be there for the homecoming game and will attend the banquet. Herb is going to talk to Mike about getting some sort of digital logo that we can advertise.


Herb working on updating the website and incorporating Trello into the website.

Next Board Meeting

Tuesday, Sept 20th. In Bellevue.

19 Jul 16

Attendees: Herb Bowie, Pauline Bowie, Rob Jablonski, Rob Oikawa, Pat Jablonski, Judi Trainor, Shima Abadi, Michael Roberto, Pam Stoeffler (briefly), Tracey Melville

9 Jul 16

Had about 100 people in attendance, including interns and recent grads. Via6 Rooftop was a great location. Had some food and drink left over. Michael Roberto and his wife Jessica did most of the grilling and hosting, and did an awesome job! Attendees were very happy! Three board members in attendance.